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Your success always comes first.

Our job is to help you realize your vision, advance your mission and achieve your goals. We look out for your interests and go beyond mere finances into a proactive and personal approach to accounting. Whether it's using accounting and business expertise to implement viable solutions or acting as your trusted advisor and advocate: the focus is always on you.

Our employees' satisfaction helps clients succeed.

Clients aren't the only ones who appreciate the unique differences of Salmon Sims Thomas. Our employees welcome our personal approach, too. If you're looking for a firm that understands the importance of personal flexibility, has a family-friendly environment and helps you achieve a balance between professional ambition and personal interests, Salmon Sims Thomas could be for you. Those who join our team can look forward to competitive salaries, career development training and other desirable benefits.

Salmon Sims Thomas serves organizations and individuals in Texas as well as throughout the U.S. Please contact us for more information about our services.

We have been associated with SST for 10 years. In my 40 years of business, I've never experienced a more proactive and knowledgeable CPA firm and I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Terry Blackwell

One of the leading CPA firms in Texas, Salmon Sims Thomas provides a full spectrum accounting and financial services. From tax through audit, professional services are focused to your firm's or individual needs.

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